Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I've been playing with my lovely hobby fuser kiln this week and making some fairly simple bowls and coasters. Well they were meant to be simple but I can be a bit of a perfectionist so they've taken me a while to get them just how I want them. This is where my lovely friend Becky will tell you that what I really mean is I had to get the corners right!

You see I don't really like corners in glass. I don't know why but it may be the part of me which once flirted with engineering a long time ago. Corners are supposed to be right angles for me - absolutely spot on 90 degrees and that doesn't really work in glass. So when (and it isn't very often) I make beads with corners they have to be soft and rounded and almost not corners at all. That's a bit difficult when you're fusing a square coaster and as I can't cut circles (yet - I'm working on it) I've played with my fusing programme to get my corners just how I like them. Obsessive? Oh yes but at least I'm a happy obsessive!

Anyway, here's the coasters and a couple of slumped bowls too.


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Annelyse Taylor said...

They are really lovely!!!