Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thank you..... everyone who came to say hello to me at the Big Bead Show. Its always good to put names to faces and meet my lovely customers. It was also fun to hang out with my lovely friend Becky of Chameleon Designs who saved my day because my organza bag order was lost in the post and I was down to my last half dozen. So lots of you had elegant silver grey bags instead of my usual fiery red & gold.

Becky's beautiful beads won second place in the show's lampwork competition - check them out on her blog. Even better I got to take them home as Becky had to leave before the show ended - do you think she'll believe me if I say I lost them?

I've been in recovery mode today - it was a long day yesterday. So other than a nice roast at our local pub I haven't done very much. I have a few test pieces in my fusing kiln and I'm planning a cosy evening in at home.

I will be listing some new beads later this week so keep an eye on my website and etsy or follow me on twitter.

See you soon


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